360 Lake Shore Drive, mail to: P. O. Box 20, Haworth, NJ 07641 - Hut: 201 387-0123


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2014 Men's Doubles Champions - T J Bambach & Liam Doody

Finalists - Geoff Williams & Patrick Keneally

Win or lose, a great time shared by all.


2010 Men's Doubles


Attention TENNIS players

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     The sport of Platform Tennis is one of those hidden gems that relatively few people have experienced, but, for those who have, it becomes an addiction.  It is doubles play on a court about one quarter the size of a tennis court.  Most of the rules are the same as tennis, including the scoring, but you are only allowed one serve per point, and balls can be played off the screens that surround the court before the ball bounces a second time.

     Played outdoors, mostly in the fall and winter, it is a great workout and a healthy way to enjoy a couple of hours of social or competitive play.  For those who are busy during the day, the courts are lit for evening play.

     In Haworth we have two courts built with the latest technology in court construction and lighting, as well as a brand new warming hut for spectators to view and enjoy after-play snacks and conversation.  Everything is located in a wooded area, which not only provides a beautiful setting, but also blocks most of the wind that can affect play.

     While you might not realize the popularity of the sport, New Jersey actually is the world's hotbed of Platform Tennis.  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are state and local leagues for hundreds of women.  This competitive play lasts over a 14 week schedule from October through February.  For the men there are 9 Saturdays of league play in the fall, with 800 men participating throughout the state.  All the leagues are set up according to skill level, so everyone can compete at a comfortable level.  In addition, there are many tournaments from local clubs to national championships for men, women, mixed doubles, and children of all ages.

     To be successful, a club must offer more than the game itself.  During the season that stretches from Labor Day until Memorial Day there are social events both on and off the courts.  There are friendships to be formed and memories of purely good times to be carried with you year after year.

     At the Haworth Platform Tennis Association we want you to come over and try the sport.  Open yourself to an opportunity, to an experience of just plain fun for you and your children.






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