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     Haworth Platform Tennis Association

     Founded in September, 1975

Dick, Tracy, & Jerry

     Back in 1974, tennis was all the rage. It was then that a few families in town, led by Ann and Tracy Steglich, Lynn and Jerry Babicka, and Jan and Dick Jamroz, decided to replace their indoor winter tennis times with a healthy outdoor racquet sport. The game of platform tennis was almost unknown in Haworth at that time. In fact, only three members had ever played the game before, but over the ensuing year the founding group persuaded 42 other families to organize the HPTA. The town provided the land, and with a $400 bond per family and $50 per year dues, one court was built and opened on Labor Day, 1975. The sport proved to be so popular that within one year 35 more families joined and a second court was added.  Enthusiasm was fantastic, as the members pitched in to clear the land in preparation for building Court 2.

     This was a club organized exclusively for the residents of Haworth, and succeeded over 30 years simply because it offered so much pleasure to people of all ages. To some it is pure recreation, to others it is competition at the highest level, but to all it is about fun and friendships.

     With the installation of our second court, both men and women were able to enter teams in state leagues. This was a fairly bold action, since hardly anyone actually knew the fine points of the game. Some of the top professionals were brought in to give lessons (World #1 Doug Russell pictured), and gradually many developed the skills necessary to move up in the standings. Although this was nice for individuals who chose to compete, there was always just as much pleasure for those who simply wanted some relaxed fun on a Sunday afternoon. Over the years we have maintained an emphasis of including all members, regardless of abilities, with wine and cheese tasting parties, open play on womenís nights, menís nights, Sunday scrambles, and the end of year blowout party. The game also proved a terrific activity for our children, who often attended the Friday night Paddle and Pizza Parties.  Today we have two courts that have been updated to the top standards of this national sport, a new clubhouse for viewing and keeping warm, and a membership that encompasses people from towns all over the surrounding area. We continue the tradition of being a cooperative self help club, although we no longer do our own snow shoveling.

     With a beautiful setting in a wooded area next to the Swim Club, the Haworth Platform Tennis Association is a unique asset of the Borough that welcomes all families to share in this great and healthy activity.



     Go through your scrap books, and dig out those photos you would like to share with the membership, past and present.  Whether in hard copy form or digital JPG, please mail or send via email to Larry Weil at lweil@optonline.net.

Gene Rosenberg, Maria Gershon, Larry Weil

Dick & Linda Edie, Lynn & Jerry Babicka

Sharon Weil & Holly Posner - Haworth 75th Year Parade HPTA is 4 years old.

Our Teachers - Tom Smith, Mark Allen, and 10 time national champions Steve Baird & Rich Maier - 1979

Maria Gershon & MaryLynn Baker with Carol Koppel & Lynn Babicka

Do you believe this?  Mark Greene & Gene Rosenberg

Wadda ya mean, OUT!  Evan Greene, "You're fired."

Harriette Weil, Natalie Berkowitz, Ruth Kelly, & Marleigh Goldblatt

Tournament Group

Dan Farber, Ann Steglich, Mel Gershon, and Harriette Weil

Dave Lewin, Ann & Tracy Steglich, and June Lewin

Andy Weil & Partner - National Junior Champions



Reese Hornstein - Weil Grandson



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